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Isla Vista: A Citizen's History
by Carmen Lodise & Friends
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Other Great Isla Vista Resources

A Report on the Disturbances at UCSB and Isla Vista 1968-1970
by Robert A. Potter and James J. Sullivan

Images and music from 1970

Year of Rebellion

Year of Rebellion
photographs by Joe Melchione

Don't Bank on Amerika

A History of Isla Vista in 1970
by Malcolm Gault-Williams

Perfect Park Anti-War Memorial Speech

Speech at the opening of the memorial
by Bob Potter

Welcome to Isla Vista History, the definitive source for information on the community of Isla Vista, CA

This website was created to aid those seeking to deepen their understanding and appreciation of this amazing, dynamic community. We have provided information here on the site that should lead to you to believe, as we do, that Isla Vista is a very special place.

A Report on the Disturbances at UCSB and Isla Vista 1968-1970
Robert A. Potter and James J. Sullivan.

Isla Vista: A Citizen's History has been released as a full color book and is now available.

Isla Vista History CoverPaperback: 196 pages
ISBN-10: 1434824748
ISBN-13: 978-1434824745
Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 0.5 inches
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Readers' Reviews

"The book is gorgeous and vividly authentic, a grass-roots people's history in the tradition of Howard Zinn. Congratulations!"
Bob Potter,
Prof. Emeritus, UCSB
Co-author, The Campus by the Sea Where the Bank Burned Down

"Carmen Lodise is an Isla Vista legend."
Santa Barbara Independent

"This is outstanding! Thanks! I just ordered a copy through Amazon. What a labor of love on your part. The legacy of Isla Vista owes you a tremendous debt of gratitude and on a personal level, so do I."
Cloe Mayes Yocum,
UCSB student, mid-1970s

"Just started the book. Enjoying it very much. Much of it not new to me yet -- but it reminds me a lot about how much I owe Isla Vista. I think someone could never really know me without knowing what our community was/is like."
Glen Lazof,
Isla Vista Community Council, 1983-84
I.V. Park District GM, ~1985-93

"Received your book just yesterday. I am very happy and showed it to just about everyone I could, people couldn't stop telling me how cool that was. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate it a lot and hope it sells well. It seems to be the only book on isla vista, is that true? If not it still must be the most complete and have the most information/inside perspective!! Thanks a million."
John Roberts,
UCSB student, 2008

"GREAT JOB. You've done a great service not only to IV but USA and world by writing it."
Rob Puddicombe,
Chair, The Committee to Save Perfect Park

"Thanks again for the book, i'm totally honored to have a personal copy! my level of isla vista history pride is pretty insurmountable, so that was possibly the most exciting thing i ever could have received!"
Melissa Cohen,
Marketing Manager, Isla Vista Food Co-op

"Thank you so much for the copy. It's fabulous looking -- actually I haven't been able to pry it away from Frank to read it yet. What a great job."
Carrie Topliffe,
Isla Vista Medical Clinic Board, 1980-1997
I.V. Park Board, 1980-84
and author of Chapter 10: "Water Politics and the Third Isla Vista Cityhood Campaign"

"For the thousands of students and non-students that have called Isla Vista home at some point since the 1970s, this book is for us. Carmen Lodise fills in the political and cultural history many of us have known on some level, but never fully understood. His clarity of vision of what he fondly refers to as "The Isla Vista Adventure" reveals clearly the heroes and villains behind Isla Vista's successes and defeats and helps point us to what I.V. could be if more self-government were made possible for its residents."
Malcolm Gault-Williams,
Author of the book "Don't Bank on Amerika,"
and author of Chapter 2: The Civil Disturbances of 1969-70

"Congratulations! I just ordered two copies..."
Susan Swift,
UCSB student, late 1970s.
I.V. Park District staffer during the 1980 Homecoming Celebration

"For a town with so many people simply passing through, Carmen has inspired me and many other activists with care and love for our community."
David Fortson
UCSB graduate, 1998
Isla Vista Park Board, 1996-00.

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